Latest news - Mens 1's promoted to Division 2!

                     - 40yrs+ Veterans Hockey & Masters Hockey added!





Thinking Of Joining Us This Year?

We've added 8 new teams this year, launched out veterans program and are looking for players​ across the board

This year we've added 8 new mens, ladies and mixed sides - and whilst the bulk of our recruitment is complete we are still looking for men for our men's sides and particularly for our mixed sides.

Due to high demand, we have also just added an additional ladies side which we are looking for ladies to join and we still have a handful of ladies places in our mixed sides. 

I'm pleased to announce we've launched our new CCHC Veterans & Masters Hockey program, offering hockey for those in the 40+yrs age bracket, who have busy lives and aren't able to commit as much as before. If you love hockey, but don't have the time or the knees for it - this is the option for you. LEARN MORE

If you're interested in joining please register your interest by clicking on the ladies, mens, vets or mixed options down below - so we can send you all the information you need.


Here are a few reasons why we think we're the best club in London:

We win things, 13 trophies and promotions in 4 years

- We offer strong competitive mens and ladies hockey.

- Our top mens side will be pushing for Div 2 this year, whilst every team we have is pushing for promotion and cups every year in every team. We're still rising up the leagues as we're quite new, so you'll win games, you'll play for cups and you'll be part of our incredible journey.

Social Mixed Hockey

- Social mixed Sunday hockey for those looking for something a little lighter & fun

- We still want to win, but it's more relaxed and casual and great for those looking to play hockey, but without the pressure to play every week and it's a great way to meet new people.

Flexible Payment

- Unique payment, small joining fee and then pay as you play.

- No massive up-front costs, going to be a away for a few weeks, no problem you don't pay for that.

- Great member benefits and offers

Social & Club Ethos

- Incredible socials, at least one brilliant social per month, usually more

- We're friendly and fun, you'll meet people & make great friends

- We're a growing club, so you'll know everyone and be part of the club, not just a random

CCHC Veterans / 40+ Hockey

- Covers 38-60yr old range

- Flexible to meet busy lifestyles

- Available all across London