Veterans & Masters Hockey - Hockey For People With Busy Lives

40+ Hockey

We think hockey should be available for all, but we understand that as you progress in life, time becomes short, the rigours of weekly training and traveling around the city for matches - takes it's toll and something has to give. Competing with 18yr olds isn't fun anymore, so usually it's hockey that gives way.

So we have a different type of hockey for you, 40+ hockey (often called Veterans Hockey or Masters Hockey) - where you can get your hockey fix, playing veterans / masters hockey with great people in a similar ability bracket, but without the training, travel and weekly commitments. All games will be on Sundays and last 1hr and are mixed hockey.

How does it work?

Same pitch, same time, same people every week. We bring together similar players to yourself, all 40+. We don't mess around splitting people by age, we think that's pointless some people in their late 50's are just as fit an someone in their 30's, likewise some in their 40's may not be as fit or able as they once were.

So simply we offer 3 levels of hockey:

Activity Level A (If you are fit, mobile and with a good level of hockey playing ability)

Activity Level B (Moderate/low fitness, moderate mobility, with some hockey playing ability)

Activity Level C (Not particularly fit, limited mobility, low amount of hockey playing ability, looking for something social and slow paced, with plenty of breaks!)

Turn up, to the activity level session you like - play some hockey, it's all mixed hockey, the sides are randomised each time and led by one of our organisation team, grab a pint after if you like - then back to real life. It's hockey to fit your lifestyle, with players in the same position and ability as you. You can move between activity levels, so you can find one that suits, or change as your needs or fitness changes too!

What is the format of the games?

It depends on the numbers & activity level, but usually the attendees are split into teams of 6 and we play a round robin of 6 a-side games across the pitch, with several happening at once. So you'll get to play with everyone, there will be plenty of rest periods (more for B / C levels) and the style of hockey & pitch size will be amended to meet the activity level. Out team members will bring everything for you, sort the teams and run the session. You just need to turn up!

How much is it?

It's a weekly subscription of £14, with sessions every weekend for all activity levels - just turn up to any session you like each week. You can cancel at any time. We do have short breaks over Xmas & Easter - otherwise we have sessions all year round.

What do I need?

We provide sticks and bibs for everyone, but if you have your own feel free to bring it! We do recommend getting a gum shield and shin-pads though.

Is it mens or ladies?

We run all our 40s+ hockey as mixed hockey.

How do I Join?

First thing is first - we need to get you along to a free tester session! If you like what you see, then you can become a member.

We are adding locations all the time, so some are active and others have a waiting list and we'll switch them on when we have enough interest. So click the sign-up button, pick your local location and you'll get details on the next open session, or if your area isn't active yet - pop in your details and as soon as that area is ready to launch, we'll be in touch to get you involved!

Where do you play?

Dulwich, Battersea, Kennington, Merton/Mitcham, Clapham, Mile End, White City, Barnes, Bermondsey/London Bridge, Crystal Palace, Tooting