Our Club Policies

It takes two to tango and we want everyone to have a great time at CCHC

1. CCHC has a strict over 18’s age policy - no member or player may be under 18 years of age.

2. The club management reserve the right to cancel a player’s membership at any time, without reason. If this is done a pro-rata refund will be offered for any fee’s previously paid.

3. Clapham Common Hockey Club (CCHC herein) does not tolerate or accept behaviour from any members that causes offence, is malicious or considered by the management to be outside of the behaviour expected of members of CCHC.

4. The club is GDPR compliant and will not share your data with third parties.

5. The club expects players to conduct themselves in a sportsman like manner when representing the club on and off the field. Player safety should be paramount and at no time shall a player attempt to cause deliberate harm to another player in CCHC or any club we face.

6. On club socials members are reminded to drink responsibly and at their own risk. CCHC and it’s management accept no responsibility or liability for anyone who attends a CCHC game or organised event.

7. Player selection is at the discretion of the CCHC captains and no player has a default right to play by being a member. You will be selected on merit, ability and availability.

8. CCHC expects players to take out their own player insurance.

9. Safety equipment - gum shields, shin pads and correct footwear are highly recommended by CCHC, players should make their own personal safety their responsibility.

10. CCHC management’s decision is final on all matters regarding the club, player conduct, finances and anything else to do with the club in any shape and form.

11. CCHC accepts no liability for players/members whilst playing for the club, representing it or attending an club event.Type your paragraph here.