Welcome To CCHC!

CCHC is the fastest growing, best value, competitive club in South London. Based around Clapham, we have around 500+ members playing men’s, ladies & mixed hockey. We have some of the lowest membership fees in London, and offer a pay as you play way of charging. We cater for all skill levels and we win things! Our social scene is unrivalled and we strongly believe we have the best hockey offer around.

Our club has 5 key offerings:

1. Mens & Ladies competitive league hockey.
- Our men’s sides play in the Men’s London League, with our ladies playing in the Surrey Ladies League - we have several sides - providing progression opportunities for players and multiple levels of skill to suit a wider range of players. In 2020 CCHC won and is the current holder of 'The Club of The Year' trophy in the Mens London League. Training for ladies and men is separate, and both sessions are run by our brilliant team of training coaches on Thursday nights. We have 3 men's sides and 5 ladies sides, with 2 mens getting promoted this year and 4 ladies sides getting winning promotion, we've also won 13 cups in our short history. In 2020 we plan to add 1 more ladies side and 2 more men's sides, taking us to 11 - so now is a great time to join! Learn More about MENS HOCKEY, Learn More about LADIES HOCKEY.

2. Mixed league hockey.
- Uniquely we also offer a very strong mixed hockey option. We have six teams playing in the South London Mixed Leagues. Our mixed teams offer a slightly more relaxed and social hockey option for those keen on competitive league hockey still, but fancy something a little less serious, with less commitment - allowing you to train if you want and play matches when it suits you. We have social and relaxed training sessions every Wednesday and Thursday evening at our Battersea Park training pitch. Learn More.

3. Social Hockey.
- Playing for an hour on Sundays, 7/8 a-side short internal games. Very casual, once a week, low commitment. This is for people who don't have the time to train, or play full matches each weekend, that aren't fussed about playing games - but want to play a little on a weekend still. Pitches across South London to pick from. Learn More.

4. Beginners Hockey.
- Sessions every Sunday morning for 1hr - mixing coaching and game based learning. Perfect for newcomers to the sport, or for those that haven't played in a long time. We have youth (6-19), senior (20+) and Masters (40+) sessions across South London. Learn More.

5. Junior & 40+ Hockey.
- Junior hockey for those from 6-19yrs, with sessions on Sundays. Whilst our 40+ hockey offering caters for those over 40, we have fun casual games on Sunday, 1hr long, players of similar ability and plenty of breaks. 6/7 a-side games, with pitches across South London. Learn More.

Our social scene is one of our biggest selling points. We have at least one social every month, led by our fantastic social secs, with socials ranging from Octoberfest parties, through to our legendary summer and Christmas balls and not forgetting our annual club tour abroad! It goes without saying that if you want a club where you can meet great friends and new people from around the world – you’ve found the place. To keep up to speed with our social activities, check out our Facebook page at: Clapham Common Hockey Club FB.
The club is still young, however within the last few years we’ve grown to be known as a real ‘tour de force’ within the London hockey scene – our men’s and ladies teams are hugely respected and feared, whilst our mixed and social offering is without peer and thought to be the largest mixed contingent in the UK. Our continued success and growth means that by joining us you can guarantee to be in the most dynamic and modern club, whilst our cost focus and dedication to offering true value will keep your wallet safe too.

I guarantee you will meet great friends, have a brilliant time, play some fantastic hockey, win plenty of trophies, make friends and never regret it!

If you fancy coming along, you're first session is always free - just click HERE to contact us and come along.
I look forward to welcoming you along soon,
CCHC Chairman