Hockey is a great sport and easier to learn that you'd think. Usually we can get you up to speed and playing in less than 40mins! 

We run beginner sessions catering for youth / juniors (5-19), senior players (20-40yrs) and veterans and masters (40+). So whatever your age - come along and give the sport a try. 

Your first session is always free and we supply all equipment. Sessions are Sunday mornings and 1hr long. We focus on progressing players each week, with a mixture of skill coaching, followed by play based games. We keep it light, fun and we ensure you get plenty of time on the ball playing - as that's the best bit! We run sessions in Battersea Park and Crystal Palace - so you can pick which suits you best.

Run by our coaches from the senior team, you'll get quality coaching from great people and before you know it, you'll be a hockey player!

Why not come along to a session and give us a try? If you're looking to get fit and you're not into the gym - this is a superb way to get in shape and get fit, whilst meeting great people and playing a fun sport. 

Give us a try! Click your age bracket below to get further details.

Beginners Hockey